As published in PEDIATRICS®, the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the study was conducted on children aged between 3-4 years old to determine the efficacy of the unique blend of DHA, PDX^ + GOS and Yeast Beta-Glucan. These are the findings:

38% fewer missed days for children consuming fortified formula milk

Children consuming milk fortified with DHA, PDX^ + GOS and Beta-Glucan have been shown to have more school days, giving them more opportunities for learning.

What is Yeast Beta-Glucan?

Beta-glucans▲ are a family of polysaccharides, of which substances made up of many individual sugar molecules linked together. It is naturally found in the cell walls of baker’s yeast, certain fungi, cereal grains such as oats and barley, mushrooms and even some algae.1 Different foods include different types of Beta-glucan▲. The type of Beta-glucan▲ better known for its ability to enhance the immune system is the beta-glucan▲ derived from yeast. This type of beta-glucan▲ has been present for thousands of years in the diet of humans, including children, as part of leavened bread products2. Because of its ability to help support natural body’s defenses, Yeast Beta-Glucan may complement other nutrients to promote immunity. You can find more information about Wellmune Beta-Glucan▲ at

24% less ARI for children consuming fortified formula milk

Consuming Milk Causes Fewer Episodes of ARI

Dietary fibers feed beneficial bacteria throughout the large intestine. It supports the balance of the gut system by stimulating growth and activity of beneficial bacteria (gut flora), which benefits your child's natural body defenses.3

19% shorter duration of ARI for children consuming fortified formula milk

Milk Can Help with Faster Recovery

PDX^ is a more complex-chain dietary fiber that is fermented relatively slowly and to a lesser extent. With the slow rate of fermentation, its effect is throughout the large intestine rather than only the proximal part.4

64% antibiotic usage for children consuming fortified formula milk

Fewer Children Received Antibiotics When They Consume Milk

PDX^ and GOS work in tandem throughout the large intestine. Dietary fibers may foster the growth of good bacteria and help support digestive health.4. PDX^ can be found as an ingredient in foods and beverages such as baked goods, nutrition bars, yogurt and milk.3

Note: ARI stands for Acute Respiratory Infections. This includes common cold such as runny and stuffy nose, cough and sore-throat.

Yeast Beta-Glucan
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