* Veeraman et al (2012). Nutrition 28 (7-8), 749-752. Clinical research shows that regular consumption of formula enriched with MFGM by preschool children is associated with a significant decrease in febrile episodes. Together with hygiene practice. ∆ with parental stimulation. 1.Kuratko CN, et. al. Nutrients, 2013;5 (7):2777-2810. 2.Hussain, G et al. Lipids Health Dis 18.26 (2019) 3. Veerenab-Wauters G. et al. Nutrition. 2012:28:749-752 ▲Compared to previous growing-up milk formulation (Year 2017). Applicable for Step 3 and Step 4 only #MFGM is a natural source of phospholipids and sphingomyelin


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