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Part 1:什么时候是幼儿头脑发展的黄金期?

When is the golden period of brain development in young children?

*Podcast is in Chinese

1. 常听说3岁定八十,小朋友的发育是不是从三岁才开始?到底头脑发育的黄金期是从几岁开始?

There’s a common saying that a person’s character is formed at the age of 3. Does a child’s development start at the age of 3? At what age does the golden period of brain development begin?

2. 孩子头脑发育过程是怎么样的?

What is the process of brain development in a child?

3. 大概到几岁的时候头脑发展已经差不多成型了呢?

At what age that the brain development is almost completed?

Part 2: 如何观察幼儿头脑发育是否达标?

How do we observe whether a young child’s brain development is meeting the standard ?

*Podcast is in Chinese

1. 要观察孩子头脑发育是否达标,是否是个聪明的孩子,要观察的领域有哪些?

How do we know if a child is smart or whether his brain development is meeting the standard?

2. 如果父母发现孩子的头脑发育可能有些迟缓的话,大概几岁是治疗黄金期?

If parents realise that their child’s brain development may be somewhat delayed, at what age would be the golden period for treatment?

Part 3: 如何刺激幼儿的头脑发育?

How do we stimulate the brain development of young children?

*Podcast is in Chinese

1. 孩子的头脑好不好,基因是不是关键?到底还有没有其他的因素会影响孩子的IQ和EQ发展呢?

Are genes the key to a child's brain development? Are there other factors that may affect a child’s IQ or EQ development?

2. 以前的父母觉得要孩子聪明,一定要让他多看书,多看绘,但现在就常听人说会玩的孩子更聪明,Dr Chin你怎么看呢?

In the past, parents believed that for their children to be smart, they must read more books and look at more pictures, but nowadays, people say that children who know how to play are smarter. Dr Chin, what are your thoughts?

Part 4:: 幼儿头脑发育需要哪些营养素?

Which nutrients do young children with a developing brain need ?

*Podcast is in Chinese

1. 什么样的营养素有助于头脑发育?

What nutrients are needed for young children's brain development?

2. 如果我在孩子五岁前给孩子补充充分DHA和MFGM,这样做会带给孩子IQ和EQ多深远的影响?效果会是当下看得见,还是未来也看得见?

What if I supplement my child with DHA and MFGM before they turn 5 years old? How would it help in IQ and EQ development? Can we see the effects now? Would the effects be sustainable?

Part 5:除了补脑,原来还要补肠胃和免疫力?

Besides the brain, do we also need to nourish our gut and immune system?

*Podcast is in Chinese

1. 原来幼儿的头脑发育和他的肠道健康也息息相关,到底为什么?

It turns out that a child’s brain development is closely tied to their gut health. Why?

2. 到底头脑发育、肠道和免疫系统之间是如何互相影响?

How do the developing brain, gut, and immune system influence each other?

Part 6: 父母迷思:这么做对幼儿头脑发育好不好?

Myth among parents: Are these beneficial towards the brain development among young children?

*Podcast is in Chinese

1. 3C产品能刺激幼儿的头脑发育吗?

Can 3C products stimulate a child’s brain development?

2. 在家用双语沟通,对孩子是否是好的刺激,还是会造成混淆?

Is being bilingual at home a good stimulus for children or will it cause confusion?

3. 让幼儿去上才艺班对IQ和EQ的发展有无帮助?

Will letting children attend talent classes help develop their IQ and EQ?

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