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Child Nutrition & Development FAQs

Parents have questions about nutrition and development for their growing children, so the team at Enfagrow A+ developed a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions, and also provided links to clear answers. Read through our FAQ, click into the link to find your answer, and then join the Enfamama A+ Club to get additional tips and advice, and other key benefits.

Child Nutrition FAQ

Which nutrients are essential to child development? How can parents help their kids with digestive issues? Find the answers to these questions on child nutrition and more below.

What can I do to help my child’s brain development today?

Are you concerned about doing the most you can to aid your child’s development? Watch our video on MFGM & DHA+ to learn what you can do to support your child’s brain development.

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Is lactose necessary for growth & development of children?

How important is lactose for your child’s development? Find out the importance of lactose and what you can do to support a child who has an intolerance to lactose.

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What are yeast beta glucans?

What do yeast beta glucans mean to your child’s development? Discover how they work to aid your child’s development.

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What is 360 DHA+ and how does it impact child development?

The early years of life are important to build a strong foundation for learning. Find out how 360 DHA+ can support your child’s brain development in the first few years of life.

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How does partially hydrolyzed protein ease digestion issues for children?

Children need complex proteins to develop, but not every child can digest protein easily. Discover how hydrolyzed protein can help with digestive issues.

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What do mums need to know about MFGM?

MFGM is naturally present in milk, but it can do a lot to support child brain development. View our list of five facts on MFGM you need to know.

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How much attention should I pay to my child’s digestion?

Does your child have digestive issues? Read through our article to discover what may be occurring when your child has to digest complex proteins.

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Child Development FAQ

Do you have questions about your child’s development? Read through our questions and answers at the links provided to learn more about how children develop.

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What are the 8 signs of mental & emotional development?

Read through the eight signs of mental and emotional development to track your child’s progress.

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How can I help my child learn problem solving skills?

Do you want your child to develop problem solving skills that will help them later on in life? Read through our list of problem solving skill development tips.

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How can I help my child learn communication skills?

Children often pick up language faster than adults, but we have a list of activities that you can use to support your child’s developing communication skills.

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How can I tell if my child has high emotional intelligence (EQ)?

Are you wondering what your child’s emotional intelligence (EQ) level is? Read through our article to better understand how your child is developing emotionally.

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