What is Yeast Beta-Glucan?

Yeast Beta-Glucan for child’s developmentBeta-glucans are a family of polysaccharides, of which substances made up of many individual sugar molecules linked together. It is naturally found in the cell walls of baker’s yeast, certain fungi, cereal grains such as oats and barley, mushrooms and even some algae.1
Different foods include different types of Beta-glucan. The type of Beta-glucan better known for its ability to enhance the immune system is the beta-glucan derived from yeast.  This type of beta-glucan has been present for thousands of years in the diet of humans, including children, as part of leavened bread products2. Because of its ability to help support natural body’s defenses, Yeast Beta-Glucan may complement other nutrients to promote  immunity.
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Yeast Beta-Glucan

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