PDX facts: Healthy smiling childWhat is PDX^?

PDX^ stands for Polydextrose, a dietary fiber. Dietary fibers feed beneficial bacteria throughout the large intestine. It supports the balance of the gut system by stimulating growth and activity of beneficial bacteria (gut flora), which benefits your child's natural body defenses.1


PDX^ helps support the digestive health

PDX^ is more complex-chain dietary fiber that is fermented relatively slowly and to a lesser extent. With the slow rate of fermentation, its effect is throughout the large intestine rather than only the proximal part.2


PDX^ and GOS: Dual dietary fibers to help support digestive health and natural body defenses

PDX^ and GOS work in tandem throughout the large intestine. Dietary fibers may foster the growth of good bacteria and help support digestive health.2


Where can PDX^ be obtained?

PDX^ can be found as an ingredient in foods and beverages such as baked goods, nutrition bars, yoghurt and milk.1




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