Help your growing baby develop in the fourteenth week of your pregnancy

Your growing baby’s taste buds and vocal cords are developing in week 14 of pregnancy.

What’s happening in Week 14 of my pregnancy?

Your growing baby can now move his or her eyes, swallowi, and the taste buds are developing as well. He or she may even suck their thumb. His or her vocal cords are also formingii, in preparation for that big cry at delivery!

Measuring around three and a half inches (around 9 centimeters) long, your growing baby weighs one and a half ounces (40 grams)iii.

What can I expect in Week 14 of pregnancy?

The hormonal changes you go through can increase the risk of developing gum disease or pregnancy gingivitis.iv 

Improve your oral and pregnancy health with these steps:

  • See the dentist regularly, especially when you spot any sign of gingivitis, such as gum swelling or bleeding gums when you brush your teeth.
  • Brush and floss your teeth daily.
  • Drink lots of water and maintain a well-balanced diet.

What can you do to support your pregnancy?

Eat plenty of nutrient-rich foods including sources of vitamin C and zinc, to support your own immune system. This will help you stay in tip-top condition throughout your pregnancy, so you can take good care of your developing baby.

Incorporate DHA-rich foods into your diet so that you can continue to support your growing baby’s cognitive and visual development. Don’t forget to continue taking your folic acid and iron supplements too.v

Mom-to-be, you are now in the ‘honeymoon’ period of your pregnancy, which means most of your pregnancy symptoms like nausea would have passed and you have rejuvenated levels of energy.

Enjoy this period with your partner and/or close family members supporting you, to continue bonding with each other and your developing baby – this will keep your little one smiling more than frowning!


Your growing baby’s development in week 15



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