Help your growing baby develop in the thirteenth week of your pregnancy

Your growing baby’s bone tissue and brain structure continue to develop in week 13 of pregnancy! Also find out how to boost your pregnancy health.

What’s happening in Week 13 of my pregnancy?

You are now in the first week of your second trimester. Well done on nurturing your growing baby so well thus far! By now, your growing baby is extremely active even though you can’t quite feel his or her movements yet.

Bone tissue is forming in the legs, arms, and around the headi. Your growing baby is also beginning to form urine and discharge it into the amniotic fluidii.

A brain structure called the Corpus callosum continues to develop this week. It’s responsible for communicating information between the hemispheres of the brainiii.

What can you expect in Week 13 of pregnancy?

It’s common for hormonal changes during pregnancy to affect the nasal passages, leading to congestioniv. Relieve this congestion and boost your pregnancy health with these tips:

  • Apply warmth to your face. Placing a warm washcloth to your cheeks, eyes, and nose several times a day to soothe the stuffiness.
  • Keep your head elevated when sleeping with an extra pillow at night.
  • Drink lots of water. This will thin out your mucus and help to drain it from the nose.

What can I do to support my pregnancy in week 13?

Don’t forget to look after yourself, mom-to-be! You need around 300 extra calories during this pregnancy stagev, so remember to make each of those calories count by choosing healthy and nutritious meals and snacks. A healthy diet will support your own immune health as well as your pregnancy health. Consult with your doctor as well on easy exercises that you can do at this stage to help you keep fit and strong.

Do ensure that you are getting plenty of sleep and rest, as pregnancy can cause a lot of fatiguevi.

If you are anxious about anything at all related to your pregnancy, do attempt to resolve these issues as soon as you can. Elevated stress levels are not just bad for you, but for your growing baby too and can negatively impact his or her cognitive or mental development, as indicated by researchvii. Just think, you’re almost at the ‘honeymoon’ stage of your pregnancy!


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