Learn what MFGM is and why it's important during the toddler years

What is MFGM?

MFGM is a complex combination of lipids and proteins2.

Where is MFGM found?

Like DHA, MFGM components* are found abundantly in the brain3.

What does MFGM do?

MFGM components* produce brain chemicals, called neurotransmitter which carries information from one brain cell to another4,5. By helping brain cells to connect, they regulate mental abilities, emotions and mood6.
They also form a sheath that coats, insulates and protects nerve cells within the brain, helping them to become more stable to transmit information faster7,8.

Breakthrough in pediatric nutrition

Thanks to advances in technology, MFGM fraction can now be extracted9. MFGM Complex is included for the first time in growing-up milk formula.

Balanced development to help support a bright future

With technological advances and accelerated changes in a borderless world, our children will be growing up in a vastly different world compared to ours. Having high IQ alone is not enough to succeed. The other half lies in EQ – the ability to communicate, understand emotions and cooperate.
While parental nurturance and a stimulating environment influences mental and emotional development, nutrition also plays a starring role.
Scientific studies show that MFGM works with DHA to help support mental10 and emotional11 development.
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