Is your child Future Ready?


The Future Ready Formula

Being future ready has no single definition. Although these days, it has been proven that it certainly goes beyond just mere intelligence and academics. In this fast-changing world, we recognize that the future is unpredictable. So how do we prepare our children for careers we can’t predict today and get them to be future ready?
A combination of both mental and emotional development can enable a lifetime of progress. On top of the academic skills our children possess, there exists a demand for personal soft skills and emotional intelligence. Skills such as communication, problem-solving, collaboration and more. 
Companies have long known that emotional intelligence (social skills, empathy, self-awareness) is strongly correlated with star performance. Relationships, or social capital, can be just as important as intellectual capital1
For a long time, we’ve approached this ‘future ready formula’ by focusing on only half the equation. So mums, ask yourself. 
Is your child ready for the future?

1Accenture (2017), IQ plus EQ, How technology will unlock the emotional intelligence of the workforce of the future, [accessed on 18th April 2017]



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