Third Trimester

3rd trimester questions3rd trimester questions

3rd Trimester: Health & Nutrition

  •  Is my weight gain normal? Will the rate of gaining increase this trimester?

3rd Trimester: Pregnancy

  • Is there anything to note in tracking my developing baby’s movements?

  • Would you advise cord blood banking?

3rd Trimester: Activities

  • How much physical activity is healthy? How can I still keep fit at this stage?

  • Is it safe to have sex at this stage?

3rd Trimester: Labour & Delivery 

  • What signs of labour should I look out for?

  • When should I go to the hospital?

  • Whom can I have in the delivery room with me?

  • What are my options for pain relief?

  • What are your views on delayed cord clamping with immediate skin-to-skin contact?

  • What situations would warrant an emergency C-section?

  • What happens during an emergency C-section?

  • When will you have to induce labour?

  • Can we go over my delivery plan?

  • What should I expect just after I delivery?

3rd Trimester: Others

  • May I ask for your emergency contact number/s?

  • When’s the best time for me to start my maternity leave?

  • What lactation support does the hospital offer?