Does pregnancy make your skin glow?

Pregnancy GlowPregnancy hormones can cause a variety of skin changes. Here are some encouraging words and skin-care advice.

With so much changes in your body (and your life!), your skin is no exception.

Is everyone around you telling you that you’re glowing? Well, believe them! Pregnancy hormones combined with the increased blood flow often give skin a flushed appearance. Unfortunately, the oil gland secretion might also result in acne; don’t worry, it’s only temporary.1

Melasma, another common skin change in pregnancy, is referred to as the “mask of pregnancy.” This condition is more frequently seen in women with dark hair and pale skin. The skin looks darker (a brownish coloring) on the forehead and temples and in the middle of the face. Don’t worry, as this too will pass after delivery.1

Some women also get stretch marks, caused by tiny tears in the tissue just below the skin as the breasts and abdomen grow in size. One way to avoid this is by gaining weight at a slow and steady pace. Gain only the recommended weight, which is usually 25 to 35 pounds for the entire pregnancy, but work with your doctor to determine what’s best for you and your developing baby.1,2



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