Why take a rain check on learning? Whether it rains or shines, let your child make the most of their day without worrying that they will fall ill. Help support their immunity and brain development with scientifically backed ingredients – MFGM & DHA. Research shows that MFGM supports 35% fewer sick days*, and 2x benefits for brain cell connections 1-2 when coupled with DHA.

Try the new Enfagrow A+ MindPro – the only brand with MFGM & highest DHA^, now with no added sugar.

*Veereman-Wauters G, et al. Nutrition. 2012;28:749-752.
**With parental stimulation & hygiene practices
¹Hussain. G et al. Lipids Health Dis 18, 26 (2019)
²Kuratko, CN. Et al.2013. Nutrients, 5(7), 277-2810
^Compared to key growing up milk brands in the market as of August 2020. Enfagrow A+ MindPro provides 120mg DHA in 3 servings per day. Applicable to S3 and S4 only.
Sugar refers to sucrose based on Regulation 118 under Malaysia Food Regulation 1985