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Only Brand with MFGM and Highest DHA^

Enfagrow A+ Mind Pro is the #1 Children Nutrition brand recommended by Experts¹ in Malaysia. It provides the nutrients that your child would need to support their immunity & brain development.

Introducing the improved Enfagrow A+ Mind Pro formulation, the only brand that contains MFGM Pro and global expert recommended level of DHA² which scientifically have shown to reduce 35% of sick days³ and provide 2x benefits in promoting brain cells connections⁴⁻⁵. With fewer sick days, children can maximize their learning abilities with better concentration, better motor skills and communication.

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1.Based on 2020 MIN HCP Brand Health Tracker-Wave 1 Report. 2. FAO/WHO recommends daily dietary DHA intake of 10-12mg/kg body weight for children 12-24 months or 100-150mg DHA+EPA for children 24 years old. Reference FAO 2010, Fats and fatty acids in human nutrition Report of an expert consultation FAO Food and Nutrition Paperna.91. FAO. Rome Enfagrow A+ Mindoro S3 & 54 provide 120mg DHA in 3 servings per day Veeraman et al (12) Nutrition 28 (7-8). 749-752 Clinical research shows that regular consumption of formula enriched with MEGM by preschool children is associated with a significant decrease in febrile episodes. With hygiene practice 4 Kuratio ON et af Nutrients, 2013,5 (7)2777-2810 5. Hussain, G et al. Lipids Hepith Dis 18 26 (2019) Compared to previous growing up milk formulation (Year 2017)