Stronger Immunity

Immune system for a child is not born, it must be built.

It takes many years for a toddler one year old to develop their immune system to reach to adult levels1.

70-80% of immune cells are found in the gut, where immunity can be built by nutrients that activate or modulate the immature immune system2-3

With new breakthrough in children nutrition, there are key nutrients that helps ACTIVATE MODULATE immune cells to support your child's immunity.

Research Shows

Scientific studies have shown that MFGM & DHA help support not only mental and emotional development, but also have positive effects on the immune system 1-3.

Breakthrough in Children Nutrition

Preparing Your Child for the Future.

Scientific studies have shown the improved behavior regulation (EQ) of children supplemented with DHA & MFGM.

MFGM promotes behavioural regulation to improve academic skills.

Better behavioural regulation and cognitive development improve school performance, which is greatly beneficial for future personal development1

MFGM Complex, a new breakthrough in children nutrition

  • MFGM - Milk Fat Globule Membrane.

  • A natural source of phospholipids,sphingomyelin and proteins.

  • Phospholipids and sphingomyelin are found abundantly in the brain.

  • MFGM's components provides health benefits In growth and immunity.

  • Together with DHA, MFGM helps support brain cell connections

With many years of research, studies show correlation between the consumption of DHA and the brain development

1 Veerernan-Wauters G. Stolen. Rombouts. et al. Milk fat globule membrane (INPULSE) enriched formula milk decreases febrile episodes and may Improve behavioral regulation in young children. Nutrition 2012:28(7-3):749-52

• With parental stimulation and hygienic practice.

▪ Compared to key growing up milk brands in the market as of Sept 2019. Enfagrow A+ provides 105mg DHA in 3 servings per day.

^ Yeast Beta-Glucan.

1 Veeraman-Wauters G, 2012. Milk fat globule membrane (INPULSE) enriched formula milk decreases febrile episodes and may improve behavioral regulation in young children. Nutrition, 28(7-8); 749-752.

2 Li F, Jin X, Liu B. Zhuang W. Scalabrin D. Follow-up Formula consumption in 3-to-4 Year-Olds and Respiratory Infections: An RCT, Pediatrics 2014;133:e1533-1540.


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