Help your growing baby develop in the eighth week of your pregnancy

Week 8 of pregnancy sees your growing baby’s first movements. Support both physical and mental development with proper nutrition.

What’s happening in Week 8 of my pregnancy?

By the end of this week, your developing baby could be around 11 to 14mm longi. Now called a fetus, your growing baby is continuing to get nourishment from the yolk sac as the placenta continues to develop.

The body continues to develop as well. Eyes, ears, lips, and nose are becoming obvious while the lungs are forming too. Your growing baby’s fingers will also begin to formii. While your little one’s body is starting to uncurl, his or her head is still very large in comparison to the rest of the bodyiii.

What can you expect in Week 8 of pregnancy?

Back pain, especially in the lower region, is a common symptom of pregnancy at this stage, due to hormonal changes and the strain of your growing bump. Manage the pain and enjoy your pregnancy further with these tips:

  • Reduce the stress on your back. Place a small pillow behind your lower back when you’re seated. When sleeping, lie on your side with a pillow between your knees.
  • Exercise. Stretches for your lower back may help to strengthen those muscles, but talk to your doctor about appropriate prenatal exercises.
  • Watch your posture. Because your center of gravity has shifted forward, you might be overcompensating as you lean back, which could strain your back even more. Practice good posture, choose chairs that support your back, and remember to wear comfortable footwear.iv

Please keep in mind that if the pain is severe, you should consult your doctor without delay.

What can I do to support my pregnancy in week 8?

Around this time neuron (brain cell) production begins.v The cerebral cortex of your growing baby’s brain is beginning to form,vi the brain area that will be responsible for advanced brain activity such as processing information, and cognitive functions like memory and motor skills. DHAvii is still one of your hero nutrients when it comes to supporting your growing baby’s brain development, so do keep up with your intake of it, along with an iron and folic acid supplement.

In addition, mothers can get these nutrients in a glass of milk scientifically formulated for pregnant women that contains DHA, choline, folic acid, calcium and protein at levels recommended by experts.

Your growing baby’s brain is also the center of language, emotions and memories – all important when it comes to his or her overall wellbeing. So when you boost your growing baby’s brain development with essential nutrients, remember that you are also supporting his or her emotional growth.

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