Why is stimulation and play important for developing children?

Children learning for brain developmentDo you know that around 1,000 trillion synapses are built through childhood experiences during the early years of life? During the early years, synapse density grows to almost twice that of the adult brain.1
The more a child learns, the more the brain develops, and vice versa — the more their brain develops, the more they learn. As the child grows, synapses or brain connections that are used will be kept, and unused connections will be replaced or removed.1
Since proper brain development is critical for your young child, it is important to make sure that your child has the nutrition and stimulation required.
DHA is one of nutrients that are building blocks of the brain.  It helps build the brain and keep brain cells flexible.

1Brotherson, Sean (2005). FS-609 Bright Beginnings #4 – Understanding Brain Development in Young Children. NDSU Extension Service North Dakota State University.