First Trimester

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1st Trimester: Health & Nutrition

  • What kinds of food should I eat? Which should I avoid?

  • What medicines can I take?

    ○ If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, you should also ask about how your pregnancy will effect your health.

  • Should I be taking vitamins or other supplements? What kind?

  • How much weight should I be gaining throughout the pregnancy?

1st Trimester: Pregnancy 

  • What screenings do I need? Does the hospital offer special packages that I can take advantage of?

  • What can help with morning sickness?

  • What symptoms should I expect?

1st Trimester: Safety 

  • What qualifies as an emergency?

  • Does my line of work pose any threats to my unborn child?

  • How much housework can I do?

1st Trimester: Activities

  • Which exercises are safe for me to do?

  • Is it safe to get my hair dyed and to get massages?

  • How much can I travel?

  • How can I have sex safely?

1st Trimester: Others

  • When may I call/message you for questions?