The formula for future success has changed. So has ours.

New Enfagrow A+ now with MFGM Complex, a new breakthrough in children nutrition and 40% higher DHA▪ that meets expert recommendation ▲ .

Scientific studies show that DHA and MFGM help support mental and emotional development.

Is your child future-ready?

Compared to previous formulation. New Enfagrow A+ provides 105mg DHA in 3 servings per day.
Applicable for Enfagrow A+ Step 3. FAO/WHO recommends daily dietary DHA intake of 1-12mg/kg body weight for children 12-24 months or 100-150mg DHA+EPA for children 2 years old and above. Reference: FAO 2010. Fats and fatty acid in human nutrition. Report of an expert consultation. FAO Food and Nutrition Paper no.91. FAO: Rome.